Wednesday, November 28, 2012

österreichischer und kroatischer blog

kommt sehr bald :))

stay in touch! An Austrian and Croatian blog will come very soon!

Uskoro slijedi jedan novi hrvatski blog :)


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Heart's Craving For Something New - POEM
Hello friends and fans!

I have a long weekend with All hallows I don't work all until Sunday.

Here is the direct link to my photo-poems on my Facebook page. Just click HERE and it will open a new window and direct you to my page. I don't know if you all like poetry but have a look at my page. There are poems about different aspects of life, some deal about my hearing, others about the challenges in life. Feel free to browse through my photos and see if there's something that you enjoy.

I have another blog that is dedicated to my writing only, it's called "". I even created a tab for that page here but it seems like that the link doesn't work .... I have to figure out how to fix this... until then I'll put the link here in this post.

Here's one of my "latest" poems, not that up-to-date but I still wanted to share with you. This is how I felt and still feel about my writing. It's very sad.. but when you are so full of passion and still see it's hard to somehow reach out to people then it makes you wonder ... like in this poem... I don't think that I need to explain it. Read yourself and create yourself a picture about it.

If you have some encouraging words for me then please share it with me. I need to be encouraged more than ever why I am writing and why I should continue .....

Your poetry girl,

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