Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where do I begin | WHERE??? | Ear pain yes....

Hey my friends!!! I am really sorry for not writing so much ... shame on me *lol* sorry, but I just got so busy and so fucking tired that I had no power to write when I came home. I mean I did a lot of writing in the past few days but just some poems and a bit on my novel and nothing more beyond that :)

My left ear is a bit sore ... somehow since I got my new glasses they pushed my hearing aid a bit and now I have a sore spot inside my ear and it hurts when I wear my hearing aid. It actually looks worse than this but I won't post it *lol*, there are worse things that can happen though as long as I don't wear my hearing aid I am fine but how can I not when I meet often people or when I go out and want to hear? What if bump into someone who wants to talk to me? At least right now I have the choice to wear it or not and I choose wear it and bear the pain but right now I took it off and I'll go for a little evening walk. The cold breeze outside, after the rain, will do good to my ear :)

I can't think of anything else to say although there's a lot more to write about but will do it later :) Thanks for reading.

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