Friday, July 29, 2011

Me with my crazy ear

Hello!!! :))

Yes that's me with my crazy ear :) I got that picture in a letter from my acoustician, (advertisement) to get a hearing test or sth like that.. I can't remember it anymore.

Somehow I feel melancholic about my past blog.

Here's my "old" blog

It was so full with interesting stuff, my hearing, my writing, poetry etc. but I wanted to move although I still like the other blog but I need a new fresh start so from now on, keep checking out this blog every now and then or subscribe to the news feed. 

If you came by accident to my blog because you searched something about my ear or poetry then I would suggest to make sure to check out some of my videos on youtube. If you want to hear more then go here:

Some of my poetry

Videos about my surgery

I will make sure to make some more videos. There are also videos about my doing the 100 day challenge. It's an online community where you set out intention for the next 100 days and you try to implement it, for some it's to follow your passion, for others is to find a perfect job, or to find the right house, the list goes on but don't forget to have fun in those 100 days and of course to find a way to share your progress in a daily video blog, or just blogging etc. That's what I did 3 years ago, with the intention to write a book. Well, all goals take some time.. Mine took me 3 years :-)

100 Day Challenge

If you want to read more, then click on "following" or save the link to your desktop so you can go back every now and then. To read more about my ear, go to my first 3 blogs which I wrote a few months ago, they will give you a rough overview who I am and what happened to my ears.

Thanks for reading!


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