Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Graeme Clark - POEM

Hello my lovely readers!!

I'd like to share with you my poem that I wrote for Mr. Graeme Clark. He is the inventor of the cochlear implant.
This was my tribute to his achievements, to say THANK YOU
I don't know if I have told you but I sent a letter to Mr. Clark, to tell him about my book and to share my poems with him. He got back to me and was very touched and pleased by the poems and the fact that one poem was for him. It is nice that I was able to reach him and to show him my poems. I hope he's going to see that video too, so he can see myself as if I were talking to him face-to-face but here virtually... through that video!

I hope he'll enjoy it and you all as well!

Leave me some comments on my youtube video! I'd lot to hear from you all!

Thanks for reading!

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