Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Strange minor error issues with my cochlear implant

Hello my lovely readers!!

It has been a while... again!! I know I have said this many times. My life has been pretty wild, packing and traveling abroad. I went to China exactly a month ago. I thought this year my vacation has to be something special and it was. God I was on the other side of the world :O Pretty cool. A different culture for sure with many things to see, different food and all.

Oh that was definitely an unforgettable trip. I met many people and made friends with some Chinese locals who work and live there and some who work here but come from abroad. Here's a photo of me with a Chinese friend. We went out for dinner and were a big group, had lots of fun that day.

So to come back.. I had issues with my cochlear implant... for months I have reported some kind of malfunction and I didn't know why, or what it has caused... until just recently when I went to hospital and figured out what was wrong. I made an appointment with my audiologist and he checked my device but couldn't figure out anything wrong with it. He said we'll have to start exchanging parts.. and see if it will stop and work properly or not. If not, then after all the outside parts have been exchanged, he'll have to call another specialist...

So then he sent me first to my accoustician to change this round part which is called "coil" as he didn't have that B-coil in color brown. On this photo it's this thing where this number 3 is shown.

Thank God for this wonderful system what we have here in Austria because the social insurance is going to pay for that new part which I got. They exchanged it and I signed papers and I got a new one.

After that, I haven't noticed any more malfunction. It seems as if this has been the issue. I'm glad it had nothing to do with the internal part but this one, which can be exchanged. That would have been really bad.

So phew, I'm relieved it's working properly!!

I wanted to share this with you because I wrote a few times about this malfunction and now I know the reason. So if you too, have similar issues go and get in touch with your audiologist to see what's wrong.

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