Sunday, October 10, 2010

Talk at university | Poetry reading

Finally, finally this post.... I've been procraastinating with writing this .... not because I didn't want to.. I did other things instead.. so here's the post!!

I have good things to share! Last Friday my speech therapist at hospital sent me an email asking how I'm doing and he knows that I'm writing poetry. He asked me if I want to give a talk in front of his students and talk about what it's like to have a CI, the challenges and how it affected my life. He said I can also read a few poems if I want :))) Wow!! Awesome!! That totally made my day when I read his email. His lessons start Monday (tomorrow) and the next one, next month and so on. I want to come tomorrow but it's bad timing as I'm working and I don't want to have to excuse myself so I'll wait until November. Besides I'm not even prepared :P Omg, what am I going to say aaaaa, :) I haven't thought that ... I'm bit scared... phew... reciting some of my poems about my ear .. in front of a group of students. :O I hope they will be nice to me haha! What I fear most is when they start asking questions and I don't hear them. Okay I do hear good but what if I can't hear them :O (-.-) lol. I know it's ridiculous as I actually do hear good. We'll see! It's exciting nonetheless!! I look forward to November.
I'm not sure if this will take place at university or at school near the hospital area. I have to ask so I know. Wow that will be the first time that I have a talk and recite a few poems. I have the feeling that this will be the beginning.. it's kind of exciting. I used to get very nervous when I had to give a speech. I remember... uh .. :) and usually got red in my face, just from being nervous, phew.. but that was a long time ago. I think I've changed and this time it won't be like this.

Who wants to come there next Month?? :P

I cannot say any bad things about the CI, okay I did have pain and it was a tough decision but definitely not a wrong one. I needed the time to make this decision and I've led this battle for so long. In the end things turned out great. Hey I can even listen to music again. It didn't take me long to hear and enjoy it again :)))

Okay, as much as I'd love to go on and write I have to stop. It's almost 11.30 PM and it's time to go to bed!! I have to get up early tomorrow and go to work.

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