Saturday, September 25, 2010

My processor is acting weird

Hello!!! It's time for another blog. I've been a bit lazy... and tired too but not from writing. I just feel tired in the evenings. Where do I begin????

I'll begin with this beeping that I hear... "beep, beep, beeeeeeeeep" than it stops, what the fuck???? Why do I hear that??? This doesn't sound like a tinnitus, .. or some sort of electrical tinnitus? does that even exist?? no way... seems like my processor is acting weird sometimes... hm....

It could be because I forgot to switch back my processor to the default setting, it is on "t" which is for phone calls .. I don't know how to explain it but I have a remote controller where I can switch between the two programs and I forgot to switch it back after work and I left my remote controller in the office so... hm, when I hear with this program, it seems that my processor is very sensitive to electromagnetical things, or... hm e.g. when I walk past a bank and come close to the door my hearing aid makes a strange sound => noise not sound, it makes a strange noise, I don't know or when I put my hear close to my keyboard on my computer => woah it's loud!!

And yes that side where I have the implant feels really gross, uncomfortable and sometimes itchy (O_o) (-.-) I didn't go and visit a doctor because I don't think it's necessary... it's just this feeling that I have as I have the processor on my hear, my glasses and all this is just too much for my ear. Maybe I should start and wear my contact lenses again, hm...

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