Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm sorry for my last post | I'm okay :)

Hi there,
I'm sorry for being a b!tch in my last post ... I'm fine really. I distracted that thought and I'm okay. It was just one of these days where I had bad sleep, tinnitus at night and all this and even before that I felt awful... but okay. The good think is I wrote poem last night at 2 AM wow =) yeah at least this helped me to fall asleep again. So once I finished it I was tired and the funny thing is, the last few sentences from my journal that I wrote, before I doze off I couldn't even decipher anymore... This morning I was like "what did I write there??" I couldn't read it anymore...

Anyway, I'm glad I do have my friends those in my town, far away and my online friends =) I love you all. I'm sorry for this negativity and for making some of you guilty. I know that I did that, I can feel and see it - I AM SORRY!!!!! Let's forget all this! Forgive and forget right? =)
So, I'll go back to my photo book. I have the idea of creating a photo book with pictures and text so I can remember my CI surgery and the things. It's not that I have to but why developing pictures when I can do that here ;) It's more fun!!! So that's what I'll be doing this week and hopefully I can finish it by Saturday so that I can place the order. This book will be for private use only, so I can read it and put it in my shelf where all the other pictures are and the photo albums :)

And I have a lot more things to do.... I need to rewrite my poems into my other collegue notepad that I have, which I started a year ago... why? Just because I want to. I want to keep the poems all in one place and have one "back-up" handwritten just in case. It's good! If all the poems get lost, God grief I'd be VERY UPSET!!!!! So let's not even think about it. I must prepare for it. So make sure you make back-up files of anything that is very important to you :) I'll have to do that too and back up my poems, journals and pictures.
Anyway, thanks for reading. I felt like writing :))

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