Sunday, December 12, 2010

My video about my cochlear implant surgery is back

I was watching some videos about other people and their ear surgeries, baha, cochlear, etc and it made me want to put some of my videos about my surgery back as public. After some time I felt I shared too much, or too many things about per private life that I put them back as private. I felt I shared too much and felt vulnerable, even more when I shared my yt account with friends in my place. All of a sudden I felt so exposed. They asked me questions like, "why do you share so much about yourself?" and I was like why not? I have this youtube account for almost 2.5 years and I love to share. This way I found about about ccor because I shared my dream to write a book and Laura and Sandy sent me messages and let me know about ccor and the 100 day challenge. If you don't share you cannot expect to get advice and help.

I'm not sure if I put all videos of my surgery back but some of them I will and I'm sure it will help others. I didn't share so much of my ear in the videos but I therefore have more pictures to show if people want to know. In case you are new and stopped by at this blog. I had two cochear implant surgery within a week on my left ear, but now I recovered and my hearing is doing well.

I have some posts here, they were short but they provide pictures..
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Update on my surgery (posted July 20, 2010)
Had my second surgery (posted July 24, 2010)
Stitches are out (posted July 28, 2010)

I will write more soon. Btw, the book "Poetry Pieces of Europe" is already out wohooo. I'll make soon a video as soon as I get my copy per post :)) I'm so excited. I should get it before Christmas!

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