Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introduction (part 1)

A little introduction to this new blog. If you have found this blog by coincident or if I have told you, either way, I'd like to thank you for coming to this site. Spare me a few minutes so I can briefly tell you what this is all about.

This is my Sandra (or PoetryGirl) from Facebook/CCOR or mytruestory85 from YouTube.

I've decided to create a new blog. You can still find my old blogging account under "inspirational-guide" but I wanted to create a new one where I'll share things about my ear, my journey towards hearing and the poetry that I'm writing.

I came a long way from where I am now, so I don't really know exactly where to begin but I'll give you a brief summary.

I've been born with two "hearing" ears but due to an infection as a baby, (to which one I don't know exactly, either due to meningitis or middle ear inflammation) it left my both ears ossified. My right one is a lot more than my left one. That is also why I don't hear anything at all on my right ear. On my left ear, I do hear or have heard pretty well, all until 2008. (I'll come to it in a few mins).

In the past I had a couple of hearing fluctuations and I got my very first hearing aid when I was about 16 or 17 years old. I got it on my left ear.

It helped me a bit with listening exercises but there were still times when it was difficult for me to understand, either because I was thinking too much about the word that I have heard (was it "car" or "far")  or I didn't understand it at all. To make it short, it was tough here and there but I managed to get along pretty well with my hearing aid.

In February 2008, I had my first significant acute hearing loss. My hearing cure dropped to 100 db. I still still about my left ear as on my right I've never heard.

So I hope you can follow. Anyway, to come back... I have stayed at hospital for a week. It didn't really help me. They gave me infusion to make my hearing recover but nothing changed. I couldn't hear and I didn't even know that I could still use my hearing aid, the one I had at that time.

I figured it out later, when I went to my acoustician and he increased the volume of my hearing aid. When the volume was increased I could hear again - all of a sudden. So from this point on it was clear to me that I don't want to consider a cochlear implant surgery because I could hear again so I have closed that chapter. It's not the right time.

To be continued... (I'll write more later) let this be the intro (1part) and I'll go back later. :)

Thanks for reading (stay in touch) there's more ;)



  1. Great beginning Sandra, it is great you are sharing your journey, our personal experiences can bring such a wealth to others xxx much love and many blessings for your new blog xxx

  2. Hello Sandra Thank you for sharing your emotional journey with us...its been a difficult one for your over a few years but it is lovely to see how you have grown throughout this period and now are inspiring others! You are so beautiful and intelligent I love your poetry and how you are going to help others just starting on their journey xxx love Darryl

  3. Kelly, Darryl, thank you both for stopping by. :) I'm sorry it took me this long to respond.. I felt a bit stuck at first. I'll try to see how to keep this blog going. thanks!!!! I really appreciate it!


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