Sunday, December 11, 2011

Safety for cochlear implant users

This one above is bizarre. I don't think I want to think about this here in the far future..

To read more from this pdf file about the recommended guidelines please go to this link. CLICK HERE.

It has listed a couple of guidelines on safety for cochlear implant users. I think this is quite interesting and you should take a look and read when you get the chance too. I heard that the Nucleus 512 is not that perfect as everyone has thought. For me it works well but some malfunction can occure. I only noticed a few times this strange disconnection from my device which lasted only for a fraction of a second, then everything was back to normal. This is strange but that was all. For me everything is relatively ok. It works fabulous and helps me to hear. The sound is what it was before. My brain has easily adapted to this new change. The Mickey Mouse voice disappeared :) Thank God and I thought I will forever have to hear that sound.

I hope you take your time to read the list. It's just 6 pages in PDF.

Thanks for reading!

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