Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toys that cause hearing loss this X-MAS

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Feeling a little bit better but as soon as I have to go to bed the drama starts... as I cannot fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night... anyway..

Today I came across an article that lists the top 20 hearing loss causing toys this Christmas:

At first place: 

1. Disney Cars 2 Shake ‘N Go! Finn McMissile, Fisher-Price, Inc. (124 dB)

At second place:

2. Disney Princess Play-a-Sound Follow Your Dreams, Publications Intl, Ltd. (118 dB)
At third place:

3. Hot Wheels Super Stunt Rat Bomb, Toy Quest (116 dB)

What do you think of this? What will you buy your children? When I look at this list I begin to wonder what is safe to buy at all!!? See the source from the original post CLICK HERE you will see many more toys listed. If you take a look at this list, is there an alternative to these toys listed? How about to buy something to craft, or Lego or simply a book? I like Lego but then all those little pieces on the carpet... and I triple over them.. it's not so appealing :P

I have not done my Christmas shopping yet but I will rethink some of the toys, possible gifts. What is your opinion to this? Feel free to share it with me. 

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