Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Does my Cochlear Implant work well?


A week or perhaps two my speech processor used to work well without anything negative to report.. I had the coil changed and it worked great. However a few days ago, it started again to have little failure problems...

I took a closer look and saw that this little outside part is a bit "broken", how do you say? Have a look at the photo! This is what I mean? Can you see!

I guess this is the reason what makes the strange "blackouts" happen again. It's a bit odd but at least I know what's the matter. I'll have to wait until my audiologist comes back from vacation then I'll stop by to tell him about.

This is however not such a big deal, I could live day by day even with this little minor issue, as long as my cochlear implant still works. I got used to hear again so not to hear but be a bit adjustment to me.
I respect everyone's choice. I have made one for myself. I want to hear but also enjoy silence many times.

Someone who doesn't hear is not much different than someone with hearing!

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