Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hansaton ↪ fixed my speech processor "cable"

I went to Hansaton and they replaced this cable with a new one. 

After almost 3 weeks I finally had this fixed... I should have gone earlier to get this done. Right after work, I stopped by to see if they could help me. The staff at Hansaton was very friendly and they immediately offered me to take a seat while they will fix it.

I waited a bit and then the woman came back with my speech processor and had the old with her. She exchanged it. I only had to sign something to submit it to the social insurance. They will hopefully cover the costs. I am glad to be living here in Austria with a good social system when such costs are covered by the insurance.

Afterwards I talked to the woman and we spoke about ear. I'm surprised they they all know who I am and my story with my cochlear implant. I didn't come often after my surgery. It has been really a while but they still do remember me. It's nice to see that. I told her that one day I will definitely want to risk another surgery just to see, to have clarity, whether I can hear or not ...

My concern is more, whether the future surgery will bring a little success and make my right deaf ear come to life or not! 

I still it will work out. I cannot predict it and most people told me otherwise. I already have one hearing ear so why risking another surgery. I try to understand their point of view but if I never give it a try, I will have find my peace. Today I read some of my papers from hospital and all the detailed explanation about my ear, the x-ray results etc. and I read how there are certain parts missing in my ear or not fully. It's too complicated to explain why they are missing but it's enough for me to know this. It means some parts of my cochlear are not there. Sometimes I wish they made some kind of 3-D photo to show it to me, as I'd like to see it myself, how my ear looks like inside.

click to enlarge

I have well adjusted to this new change with my cochlear implant. I hear well enough. Misunderstandings are still there and happen but it happens more often when I don't look at the person who talks to me, when I don't know the person is talking to me. I need to see their faces to hear. It's like this quote

"'Take off your sunglasses,' I tell my surprised companion. 'I can't hear you.' By BEVERLY BIDERMAN.

The same is with me. I cannot hear when I don't see a face, even though with the CI I hear really well, I cannot complain BUT I still misunderstand. This still happens. I have only one ear where I hear. I do not hear anything on my right ear so it's a bit challenging with the directional hearing...

So with this brief excerpt of my report.. hmm I don't know what to think about... but I want to believe in a miracle and I DO believe. I don't need 1,000 people to believe but if I alone believe, then I already make a difference.

Miracles do happen!

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