Friday, October 26, 2012

Cochlear contact request

I have to say "Cochlear" is very thoughtful not to request to fill out the "phone number" i.e. Telefon. 
I don't know their reasons why they left this out, why it's not mandatory... but to me it seems like they know that CI users have sometimes trouble to do phone calls. It's true! It can be intimidating to have to call someone especially when you don't know whether you'll hear the caller or not. Or the other way round, if you have a call and you don't know who's calling.

Though it gets better with time but still for some it can remain a challenging task.

Imagine what a torture it can be if you are working somewhere where you have to sell products to customers... every day phone calls to master. Every day this frustration because you have missed a word, issued a wrong invoice or people turn out to be unfriendly and don't want to repeat every sentence twice!

I'm glad this is not something I have to deal with anymore. I can do phone calls and I do them every now and then. I had one today with someone (I'll tell you in my next few posts) more later.

It depends a lot on the situation where, when & who's calling.

This post definitely doesn't have to do with this here but the contact form request just reminded me of that.

So today I have tried to reach out to Cochlear Ltd in Germany. I would love to somehow spread awareness with my poems on their website. I'd be glad for any help or advice that I could get. In fact they got back to me the same day and will forward my email to another woman who will get in touch with me very soon! This sounds exciting!

I'll let you know what will come out of it. In any case it's already great that I have reached out and made contact with them. :)

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