Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My CI story published at "Hearing Health Foundation"

Hello there!!!

It was been literally a while! We had first snow here in Salzburg a few days ago :O 

A few weeks ago, I have posted some of my poems about my ear on some Facebook pages that deal with hearing and cochlear implants and I came across this one called "Hearing Health Foundation"

Their aim is to prevent and cure hearing loss through groundbreaking research. 

I have posted some poems on their Facebook page.

 One of the poems that I have posted was this one, called "A Different World". You can find this poem in a better resolution to read on my page HERE as well as the poem in the photo description to read. Please take a look to read it. It contains some background information about how I got my hearing loss and a brief story how I lost my hearing.

It is about my first experience with my new cochlear implant. The first few days were really hard to adjust but I was open about this new "thing" so everything else was just falling into place. So after I posted this poem, I got a message from Tara from the Hearing Health Foundation and she asked me if I would like to include my story on their website and so I did. :)))

Hi Sandra,
Thanks so much for sharing your experience and these two beautiful poems! They are a great addition to our collection of stories!

Here is an excerpt of her email. I was really excited and thankful for such an opportunity that I have immediately put together my story and prepared some poems to accompany my text.

HERE is my story :))) It is on their cover page of their website! Here's how it looks like. Please go and visit their website and read my story.

I'm very thankful for that as it enables me to share my cochlear implant journey with thousand other people all over the word! We have so many things in common and it's so nice to exchange thoughts on the same "thing" :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I read your poem “A Different World” and you have an amazing talent to write poetry. No wonder you call yourself “PoetryGir”l. Thank you for sharing you story and for inspiring me and a thousand others who have and will read it. We all have challenges in this life, and yours just happens to be hearing loss. I admire you for putting things in the right perspective and for looking at the brighter side of life.

    1. Thanks a lot Serena Outland, I am really glad you read and liked my poem! :)) I really needed to hear that and it gives me power to keep writing! People like you encourage me and tell me, I need to share more of my world, not only about my ear but also other aspects of life.

      Sandra St. - poetry girl :)


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