Sunday, November 13, 2011

Many books about cochlear implants

I have so many books about cochlear implant stories that I still haven not yet finished reading.... One of my friends who borrowed me one of her books was right when she said, most people do not want to read those books once their surgery passed by successfully. Why because it stirs up all those emotions once again.. It is a bit sad because I feel the same way, but I will read them. I have started one today and will continue reading slowly. It will take me some time as I am doing nanowrimo this year too, and many other things too but I get slightly overwhelmed by all the "tasks". 

It makes me wonder how other people think about that, in relation to my poetry book "Can You Hear My Poems". Do they think the same way? Do they get tired of reading those kind of books, just because all's over and they do not want to deal with all this all over again?

Hmmm..... I wonder. 

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