Friday, November 18, 2011

Remember this?? When I passed out?

Do you remember this video?? I remember this so vividly ... I spent the afternoon updating links on my youtube videos. I added on two videos subtitles and posted a new one too. I'll write about it tomorrow or later. Than I came across this video again. I want to put this weekend closed-captions on that video here. It will take me some time as I'm bit exhausted right now from spending a few hours in front of my laptop, fixing this and that.

I remember this video. A few hours,.. I think one or two hours afterward this video was recorded I passed out and hit my head so badly first on the wall..... and then on the floor a second time .... (O_o) It hurt really BAD!! I was too foolish and didn't go to hospital. I knew I had a concussion but I was so sock of hospitals the few days before that.. that I didn't not go and stayed at home... in bed.

Right now everything is fine, I have my cochlear implant and hear great though that was really a challenging time. Next time (God I hope it does not happen again)... but next time if sth like this happens again I will immediately go to hospital. This is not something to underestimate!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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