Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NANOWRIMO started .. (O_o)?

Yes it officially started... now there turning back. Everyone knows that I signed up for nanowrimo and they will track my progress.

Many things went wrong in the past few hours before the official start. I lost my outline that I made a few days ago, but luckily I used a mind map to make an outline of the story and the main points, the characters, scenes, anything relevant. I get too distracted on social sites, I have to reduce that. Although I managed my word count for the first day I am over 2,222 words. :) 

It was difficult to start but later it got easier. It's a lot easier when you know where your story will go. I even wrote poems inside. Yeah you know I cannot write no poetry in November, that's impossible and that would drive me crazy. I feel tempted to share the first thousand words but um... later perhaps ok? Or I'll feel jinxed and not write anymore .. When I am done I will share some parts. I have though some new poetry on my Facebook page.

Go to my Facebook page for more poems

I am not sure how often I will write here, probably 1-2 a week but not more. I'll need all words for my book. I wish I could just copy paste all from my blog to put into my story but that's impossible ... Need to write some more, to be a bit ahead of my word count just in case to be prepared for the upcoming days. 

Thank you for reading,
Your bionic PoetryGirl

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