Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hi there!!

Preparation... yes sort of ... Spent the past few days and about two weeks or more to read my story and to figure out if it's worth to continue it.

I wonder how more complicated my story can get towards the end. :)

And a few hours later afterwards... (I continued to write this blog later) I came to the conclusion yes it's worth. Yes it going to be a lot more complex and I hope I can kept it all together the whole story. There should be a revelation afterwards and a conclusion. Although I was tempted to write sth new but not this year... The other story has to wait a little bit.

Here are some notes that I took afterwards. Hmmm...

I have to say that I finished reading my story which I wrote last year. It was really thought at first as I am so out of this reading habit. Yeah that's bad, but I don't find the time to read at all. I always end up to do something else. At least now I have finished to read my book and I really love it. It has holes here and there but the whole structure isn't bad, the coherence either. I can follow and the scenes follow, the previous and so on.. It really fits together, one scene after the other, or talking about sth else then going back to where I stopped writing 5 pages earlier. It's so awesome!

Here are some notes that I took while I was reading. It looks a bit complicated but it's not that much. I still have an overview of my story. The story is not at all finished.. I can't believe it stopped in the middle, just when I reached my 50,000 mark (word count).

Anyhow, there's alot to do although I'm not quite in the mood... will write later!

Thank you for reading,
Your bionic PoetryGirl

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