Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nanowrimo preparation!!!

Help!! It's again this time of the year.... but I am glad that it IS this time of the year.... at least during the month of November I have a good excuse to be inside when it's cold outside and to WRITE!!

What is great about nanowrimo "National Novel Writing Month" is that all words count, even those that you wrote twice by accident, repetitions etc, wrong-spelled words all's ok as long as you keep writing because afterwards you can always delete what you do not want to be there.

I'm pondering... and as I think I get various ideas for this year. There is always a story to write about... but sometimes you just think is it worth 50,000 words? Is it worth even to give it a try? Sometimes stories are not happy! Mine are definitely not happy. I am not a happy writer by nature so mine are rarely happy. I like *drama* and you hard of this saying "Drama is poetry's best friend". I agree with this statement. It is very true!

My last year's novel was about a schizophrenic poet. :) yeah too funny! :P I didn't want to give up poetry writing so I had to write a story where I can still write poetry and it did work out. I didn't write just poetry but when I felt inspired I included some poems inside my novel and it worked well with the story itself. It's a morbid story about a killer who is sick so he had no idea what he did. I have to read this novel so I can decide if I am going to continue with this story or write a new one. I want to have a finished story! SO I will have to do that to figure out if it's worth to continue or not. Last year I didn't bother to read my story because I was so tired after nanowrimo that I needed a LONG break from my story. Yesterday almost a year passed by, when I finally printed out my story... I think my mind is fresh to read it .. but will it help me to make the decision easier?? I have no damn idea but I am glad that I still have some more or less 3 weeks left to decide.... phew.... I need to hurry!

I read my first 4 pages, still here and there some gaps, but what I read so far I do like :) it doesn't sound so bad at all. It is a story! :)

Will write more soon!

Thank you for reading,

Your bionic PoetryGirl


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