Monday, October 3, 2011

Mother Nature's Beauty - POEM

Hi there!

It's time for some poetry!!! :))) I'd like to share with you one of my latest poems, not the latest as of today but it's one that I wrote a few days ago.

Mother Nature's Beauty

The sun was shining
And warmed up my skin
Sadly you've missed it.
Where have you been?

The stones so mighty,
Have always been there
For a few decades
Their beauty to spare.

Though people get busy
To notice what's around,
To see Mother Nature,
They can't hear her sound.

Your bionic PoetryGirl

Sandra Registered & Protected


  1. You have won the contest over at The Queen of Creativity. I need your address to send your winnings. You can send to me at

  2. Really Kate?? Wow awesome, how did I do that? THANK YOU :)))


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