Saturday, October 15, 2011

So much to do, can't complain


Preparation time (second round) :P

What shall I say? I took some time of to relax... Last night I read my novel and got a few more ideas how to build it up. I feel too attached to the story from last year. I think it would be a bit decision to start something new. New characters, new plot, I don't have enough commitment for that :P I rather stick with my old story and build it up some more... or make it more complicated than it already is. At least I can give it a try. I have no desire to start something new. First I didn't want to do it at all... but as the time came close to think again about *nanowrimo* and after a chat with my friend, I am back here. Yes I am ready to do it again. This time it will be really challenging as I will have to work and try to plan my writing time afterwards in the evenings... It is doable I can show it that it is possible!

Anyhow, yeah I am still here, not making videos. Still do my challenge and try do reach my personal goals but it's all so challenging. Challenges are there to make us grow right? 
I feel I have a hard way to go and my daily life takes over most of its part (if you know what I mean) that it's hard to pursue my dream. Okay I do some things myself for that but it's kinda frustrating. Though I still keep doing what I have to do.

I feel slightly melancholic and I don't bother to be honest. I know I have to act professionally, don't do this do that etc. I don't care. I will be myself!

Thank you for reading,
Your bionic PoetryGirl

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