Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Microphone protector applicator and removal tool

Sounds complicated?? Well it's not that.. This is a microphone protector. So this little dark dot is my microphone where sound comes inside and when this thing is gone I hear strange because something is missing. Without it it's just not the same, if that makes sense.

To change it you have to be careful because it's tiny and you don't want to loose it somewhere on your carpet. I once lost one of these protectors and each time I got a new one it fell off... because once this part was opened up it wasn't the same.. it took me a while until this little piece stopped falling out.

You get all the things that you need in order to fix it in this little box. Those little boxes are quite expensive here in Austria, about 50 Euro and you have just two inside to change.. imagine?!! 

I'm safe now as I have my *box* but it always freaks me out when something doesn't work with my CI or speech processor. 

For now I am lucky as I have my Cochlear Implant for a bit more than a year and it's still working super. Don't know how long it will stay this way. The expected lifespan of implants is estimated to be around 10, 20, or 30 yrs etc. It can be even less, you never know. What I know is that during my whole life I will have to be implanted a second time and/or perhaps even a 3rd time as I would like to get another implant on my right ear too.

Okay, I got a bit off-topic, but yeah I have my box of those microphone protectors! I'm prepared! :)

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