Monday, October 3, 2011

Thought-provoking poetry?

Hi there!!

Why is it always that I love thought-provoking poetry? My current poems are quite provoking...

Perhaps that is my nature? Not that I have certain dislike towards people, not at all. It is just that something that I read I dislike and have to write my opinion (in form of a poem). To share my point of view. Just like with the murder of Troy Davis, or Osama Bin Laden or anyone else. Not just things that happen in America, anywhere. Don't get me wrong. I have no dislike towards US, I like the country and I'd like to visit it one day. It's just that I do not agree with everything that is currently going on there. The same with the superstition that Lady Diana was killed and that it was not an accident. I have a poem that shares my opinion. 

hm... Anyhow, I don't seem to write happy poems at the moment. I'm not really in the mood and I rather prefer drama than bliss :)

I'll post some more poems here, as soon as I get some time to edit my blogs! So some poetry will come here soon! So make sure you check out my blog every now and then or simply subscribe to the newsfeed. :)

Thank you for reading,

Your bionic PoetryGirl


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