Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lazy Wednesday

Hi there!!

Today's a lazy Wednesday. We have national holiday here "Staatsfeiertag" so I have the day off. It's nice as it's in the middle of the week. I was cleaning up my computer from unnecessary links and screenshots over the past few months. My desktop looked really messy.. and I have to clean up as I want to use a nanowrimo desktop with a calendar. Something like this here:

For such a wallpaper my desktop has to be free of any links and this is quite challenging... but I have time to fix it until next week.

I still haven't finished reading my novel. I will try to read some pages today and the rest in the next few days. I have to hurry because I have less than a week left before the writing challenge starts.

My mood is still quite reserved... but I will feel better. I just need something to distract my mind!

Thanks for reading!
Your bionic PoetryGirl,


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