Friday, October 28, 2011

What shall I say??

Hi there!!

What should I say?? I feel pissed, the usual thing but no it's not the PMS thing ;) No perhaps not pissed, more um... not quite quite myself. That is how I feel. There's so much I'd like to say but as this blog is public and almost everyone knows about it it's not even safe anymore :P

Anyhow, yeah I still write poetry... Here's a poem I found but I had to rewrite it again as the original version was barely readable.. I hope this one you can read.

I still have a few things to do this weekend... thank God I have a few days off so I will be able to finish hopefully everything on my to-do-list. I can't wait for nanowrimo to start. It makes me nervous but I am excited too. I am going to finish my psycho-thriller mixed with poetry of a schizophrenic poet. I couldn't have made it better, don't you think? :P At least I can still write poetry next month. I do not want not to write poems for a whole month. That would freak me out totally!!!!

I have some scenes where I could include some poems, from the poets perspective. I am a poet myself, in real life, and nanowrimo is not for poetry, it's more to write a novel a story, not poetry... so I will mix it and make it different. I think that is definitely something new! My plot and the whole story is quite dark. I'm not sure if anyone wants to read such a story but I want to write something different than from all the love stories with a happy end. Nah... it's always the same thing, I don't fancy that anymore. Let's write something morbid instead ;)

I think everyone's busy now with preparations for the upcoming writing challenge. I don't know if it's good to prepare or not, at least this year I want to try it. Last year I had 3 different plots for three different stories and what happened?? When Nanowrimo started I dropped all of them and started something new. AND... the year before.. I started a story a few days later I dropped it because I didn't like. (I already had some 6,000 words written at that time) I dropped it and started sth different... and had to catch up on my word count the first few days.. it was definitely not fun. So yeah.. anything's possible. I'll try not to be filled with many expectations except to just have fun and to write ANYTHING!

Thanks for reading!
Will write soon!

Your bionic PoetryGirl Registered & Protected

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