Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nanowrimo / Psycho thriller 2011


Hmmm, you know what my to-do-list is big and I still find time to do other things that are not so important... A few weeks ago I met a wonderful woman who does research with children and how they listen to music with cochlear implants. She gave me a book to read about cochlear implant stories. I have started to read this book. I will sink.... so much to do :)) and then the preparation for nanowrimo... the national novel writing month where you try to write a *novel* in 30 days worth 50,000 words. I have to finish reading my last years novel so I can decide whether the story is worth a sequence or not. Somehow once for all, I want to have a finished story. I have a few more pages to read and then I can see. As I read a few pages the other day, it inspired me to write a poem. My story is about a schizophrenic poet, a murder story, a psycho-thriller. I tried to combine poetry and story. There was a passage that didn't have a poem at all and I thought "Here I could include one" and so I began to write and wrote a really bizzar poem, that really suites the main charracter who is bizzare. There you go even after a year the story is till *fresh in my mind* more or less....

That is why I try to refresh my mind... beacause last year I didn't even read my story once I reached the 50,000 mark. I took a long break. It was good. I can read the story and be unbiased. It is not a bad one, quite good, but I don't want to boast... yet I do really like it. There are a lot of holes, missing links from one scene to the other although the others are quite well-linked... but the point is there is always somthing that doesn't match. I am trying to work it out. AND the poem I wrote a few days ago, I will to the old version of my novel. I will not include it in the new file as I want to keep it seperate. A new file for new 50,000 words of crazyness :)

So you see how complicated everything is right now ...  huh, I will try to clear out all the fog in my mind so I can think rational :P

I need to go back to reading, so I have to stop here ( try to believe me that I will really read) ;)

and btw, I get other ideas of a dramatic love (or tragic love story) that I could use for next month... but then again.. will this idea be enough for 30 days? If I really use that idea I might get a new novel, but if I don't I will have a finished story (one that I started last year) so you see how complicated everything is right now???? I make it complicated :P

BUT, I can always start another novel after November, perhaps after the Christmas holidays when I recover from writing every day one whole page ;)

Okay, now I really have to go! It's time and time is short and runs fast!

Thank you for reading,
Your bionic PoetryGirl

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