Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am like this girl // down under in Nanowrimo preparations ....

Hi there,

This picture makes me laugh because this is  exactly how I feel, just like this girl in the cartoon :) I even bought big poster paper, so I can do an outline of my story there and will not run out of space... only that I have not yet started... aaaaaah!!! 

This year I want to make it different and be at least prepared. I told myself I can write a story without knowing where it goes but it's better to write when you know how it will end. At least you have something like a guideline to follow. 

This video here makes me laugh, this will be my 4th nanowrimo and it's going to be really fun and exhausting, just like in that video haha

I think it's going to be a real challenge to write next week.. and the biggest punishment is that I have to do that later in the evening or early in the morning... as I cannot write during the day as I'm working. 

Your bionic PoetryGirl


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