Saturday, May 22, 2010

My calender takes shape

Wow, when I look at my calendar I have strange feelings coming up.... 52 days roughly until my surgery... Can I still run away? *lol* just joking, I won't do that, nah... I cannot believe that in two weeks it's already June. Okay, slowly, slightly I am getting excited and nervous. In a way I still cannot imagine all this, how it is going to be, what feelings I will have, how I will think about this, how the recovery process will be and all this. (O_o) I'm thinking too much.

What is good about all this is that later I will hear, it will take me time but I will. I do believe. I only hope that I will not get in this dark mood if I don't immediately see the result. I must hang in there and it will get better and apart from that, the other thing that is good is that I can WRITE POETRY about my exprience of being hearing impaired / hard of hearing and soon being wired!!! :O

That's amazing. I'm proud of that. (^.^) After one year it's quite addictive (did I say it right?) and I can't seem to stop. I want to write more and more and increase that number where I am at the moment. I know this picture doesn't fit into this title but I couldn't find the one with my calendar, where half the days are almost crossed out - next time ;)

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