Saturday, May 8, 2010

Next vaccination for the cochlear implant due in 2 weeks

Bionic Poetry Girl, May 08, 2010
What a boring weekend! *lol* Okay I won't complain, it could be worse. I want some more excitement and I want to be a published author!!!!!!!!! I will become one, I WILL :) It just takes time. In the meantime I'll keep writing. I need to build up my amount in case I won't be able to write one day.. *huh* scary thought! :)

Okay, here's a short update. I had my vaccination last month against "meningitis" and in two weeks I'll need my second shot :) The vaccination procedure went very well and I didn't have any side effects from that. Okay I did. I had a bit of head ache an hour later which I think was because of the vaccination but later I felt better. I'm not someone who likes to get a vaccination. I don't like the side effects that some of the vaccines have ...

67 days until my surgery ... wow, .... am I nervous??? Huh, well right now I don't have the time to be nervous :) but I am thinking about it very often, how can I not when I have this calendar on my wall and see it every day :) I wonder how I should use this time that I have with my old hearing before I get the new one. I want to keep notes of those two months before a new journey begins, somehow I feel stuck. Anyway, I have more things to write about but let's keep each new post separate!! Will write more later!!

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