Monday, May 17, 2010

Where is the surgery date?

If I'm not mistaken I have 57 days until my surgery... wow, somehow I am coming closer and faster to that date... than I expected. I wonder am I not required to do some blood donation for myself? You know, donating my own blood that will be given to me during the surgery?? Duh.. I'm thinking too much. I know.. btw, in two days I'll have my last vaccination which is required for the surgery and then I'm done and can wait for day zero to come :o ...
Can you see this little "stripe" what is it called this little "bracelet" which I got from the hopistal? Can you see it? Yeah... I kept that, yes... it reminds me of that time so I'll leave it in this box for some time. In two weeks it's already June, wow :/ how did that happen!! Time is passing by very fast, too fast sometimes and too slowly other times. :)
I'll keep this here short as I have to go to work very soon!
Thanks for reading!

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