Saturday, August 27, 2011

A day without SOUND


Hope you all are doing great! How's the weather over there, at your place? We in Salzburg had really hot - HOT summer weather today!! I got a mild (that's an understatement) sunburnt. :)

I have a little experiment for you! or you can call it a challenge but that sounds like you have to do it. So let's say it's a little experiment! That sounds much nicer. :) Could you imagine to live a day without sound? Would you be ready to try it for one day? For just 24 hours or less as you probably won't count the time when you sleep? 

Would you like to try it out, just for one day? Why do I ask this? Well, I was inspired by a friend of mine on Facebook. I would like you to try it out. No one who has not experience deafness longer than a few mins can say "Oh I know what's like not to hear". You cannot say that unless you experience silence in real life, in your daily schedule, while doing errands, doing your job etc. You will know the answer if you do it at least for a day. Just to put your fingers into your ear say oh yeah that's it, just won't do it ;)

If you are courageous enough to do it, here's one thing you'll need to get, some ohropax. You can find it at almost every shop that sells make-up or at the chemistry as well. Get those and then you can start. Squeeze it until it's little and then put into into your ears. Inside they will fill up the space and fit into you ear.

If you decide to do that for a day, please make a video blog about or share it in a blog about your experience. How did this new "change" make you feel? How did you cope with the missing sound? and so on ;)

It's an experiment to understand the silent world. It's a world that I also share, regardless of my CI or not. I am deaf and hearing too and yet I like it both. I can adjust my ear and simply switch it off if I need silence ;)) And being deaf doesn't mean I'm stupid. That phrase reminds me of a poem I wrote. I will share it some other time!

Will write soon!

Your bionic PoetryGirl


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