Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I just came back from a funeral in my family. I never like to go to funerals it always makes me sad ... :( It was really hard to say goodbye.

I remember this poem. I came across it a while. I even made a video myself where I recite this poem but I wanted to share this one below here. The one above I put the poem on one of my pictures.

Everyone deals different with grief and sorrow. When I first heard of his death I totally heard it wrong. I thought someone else died and not the one that really did.... My ears.... :( (-.-) I was in a hurry and there was a lot of background noise and I gave up on asking again.... (just to make sure I heard it right)..

I heard it later, when I came home who it was. :(

So now I'm back in Salzburg just feel tired from driving there and back within 48 hours. However I had some energy left to go for a short walk this morning! Though now I regret it... because I feel tired :)

So that's how poetrygirl looks downtown :P If you should recognize me, well then say "hi" :) I'm still pondering what I could write next... which poem... it's time for some writing but I feel stuck. Sad poems would be right for the moment .. but I'm not sure.
I'll make up my mind later!
Your bionic PoetryGirl

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