Sunday, August 28, 2011

Switch your program back and forth

Hi there!!

Yesterday I called my relatives outside and I couldn't really understand them at first... later on during the conversation I tried to press one of these two buttons that I have behind my processor and see there.... all of a sudden I could understand my granny's voice clear! :O no background noise but the voice itself was just perfect :)

I should try more often to change back and forth. I have three programs with different settings ... it's just that I do not always want to change and switch programs during a phone call as I won't hear in those few seconds when I do that. I fear that I'll miss what's important. Though today I was like "wow it works" :) I should experiment more often because it is quite helpful when you can adjust your hearing to different situations.

I don't like to experiment with my *hearing* but I will try it more often next time.

Your bionic PoetryGirl


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