Monday, August 15, 2011

My poetry book is published & I got my copy

I'm so glad it arrived a few weeks ago! That was definitely a long process until I held the book finally in my hands :)) What a great feeling! It still feels so unreal :) I am still me, ok I have my own book published but I don't feel any different than before, ok maybe I am filled with a lot more happy feelings than before :)

Three years ago I joined ccor because I wanted to write a book, (this was my goal). I had no idea it will be a POETRY book :) but it all turned out the way it was supposed to be! I don't know if my muse was there all the time or if this creativity was born, if I the poet was born or if it was all inside me but through English and through poetry I discovered I can share my thoughts in a rhythmical and rhyming way :)

Take a look inside the table of contests:
Click here

Awww what a manifestation after more than three years since I've joined this community here :))

Here's the link where my book can be obtained:
At the Lulu store

But also at The English Center Salzburg
Here's the link

Thanks for reading!


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