Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 10 | Why do I feel so strange?

Why do I feel so kinda blah today??
Feeling blue
I cannot explain. I feel tired most of the time and I am not sure if that comes from my tinnitus or maybe because today a year ago my grandpa passed away and it makes me upset but I don't feel that sad. I was able to put the grief to an end. I sleep 8 hours more than what I used to sleep when I was working and I still feel very exhausted. I don't do any physical work that I could blame and I still feel very weak and exhausted. Could it be that this tinnitus that I constantly hear makes me feel tired because I cannot fall asleep easily at night and that it takes me some time till I'm in deep sleep? I mean I don't do any hard work and I still feel tired and cannot be outside for so long.

I went out for a walk, was sitting on a bench when I almost fell asleep there, how weird :) I feel so exhausted and constantly hear this ringing in my head it's really annoying.... I know I just have to be patient but for how long?
I picked up my x-rays today and they seem to be okay. They checked my petrosal bone, all is normal and okay. So I'll have to wait for the other MRI check before I can speak with my doctor about the implant. Right now I'm not that scared. I drove myself crazy in the past few days that now I'm relatively calm :) but I know this won't last for long. When it gets serious and I'll know my operation date I'll be pretty nervous ....

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