Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 11 | Still the same day

I felt like writing again. This is really addicting. When I was outside for a walk, I switched off my hearing aid as this beeping when I turn left or right or up it makes beep. Why? Because my hearing aid is set very loud and is very sensitive to movements or when something comes close, so I just switched it off because I didn't need it. It was a long walk and I was sure that I wouldn't bump into anyone.

So I was walking there without hearing a sound. It was strange. I looked at the traffic and the cars and felt like that I did hear something or maybe that was just this - knowing what it sounds like that you start to think that you do hear it - you get it? I still do hear but not 100% you know but when I was walking I didn't hear anything at all since without the hearing aid I hear nothing or very, very little. So I was walking there and looked my feet and felt the vibration but no sound, kinda strange if you ask me.

I still feel very frustrated that I cannot hear well but I try to do other things to distract my mind till I have the other MRI check, before I can speak with my doctor! I stopped by at the local stationery and bought some new pens. Yeah I love it, this shop is like heaven to a writer *lol*. On my way home I bumped into one of my friends from the sign language course. I am not attending the Spring course because I started to work and it just didn't work out with my time schedule. When I saw her I quickly switched on my hearing aid and it took me some 6 seconds till I could hear her. I told her that I have those problems with hearing again and we chatted a bit. She was so nice and spoke slowly and with her lips you like expressing it more so I was able to comprehend. She did also sign a bit when I couldn't hear what she was saying, which was cool. I so miss sign language and I'm so out of the course right now. I feel like I forgot most of it.

Anyway, she told me that there's a free group meeting I think on Monday, not sure if I did understand her right, and everyone can come and practice a bit with the other people. I will have to send the deaf center an email asking when that is. I'm not sure that I got the information right. She did show me a message telling her when that meeting would be but I had no notes with me so I couldn't take notes and now I think I forgot the details*lol*. Anyhow, I look forward to next week to meet the group.

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