Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 11| Still feeling tired

Hi there!!

I finally got into the groove of blogging regularly. I have time now that I'm on sick leave and don't know what else to do or how else to use me time. I can't watch TV, I mean I can but the voices are really hard to hear and I understand very little and it's frustrating so I'll do other things instead. Here's what I found today. One of my copies from my hearing curve from last year. My current hearing is lower than on this picture here but I thought to share. It's quite unusual isn't it?

I wonder if anyone is reading this *lol* I changed the settings so anyone can comment and it's very easy so if you want *lol* leave me a comment and say hi! =)
I've been decluttering my room this morning and I can't believe how hard it can to get rid of all the papers that were here and there. I had lots of notes, print-outs and things and it was hard to throw them away. Uh, *lol* am I the only one who has that problem? Hm, I wonder.... =) I'm a writer and I love paper and I always think 'hm, I could need that note.' I need to get better organised and keep those little notes somewhere in a folder, all in one place and not spread out everywhere.
This is so frustrating ... my internet connection cut me off and I lost the last bit of my blog post grrrr.... so I'll make it short. I said that now that I cannot hear so well I'll use this time to blog regularly and my little challenge for this month will be that I want to try to write one poem a day, which is already a lot as it's not always easy to come up with ideas but I had good practice. I've been writing for almost a year so that's good! Now that I am on sick leave I have to use somehow my time efficiently and I'll do this for some time. So there, I'll end this blog here. You'll hear from me tomorrow!
Thanks for reading!! =)

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  1. Hi - I hope you don't mind but I stumbled upon your blog/video as a result of a project I'm doing for a client. My email is If you are willing to talk by email, please reach out. I had a few questions for you.

    MARCH 11, 2010 7:09 PM


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